HCS Featured (with graphic design)




Why Featured?

  • 3 slots per category for exclusivity
  • Only featured advertisers may self-promote on HCS
  • Pre-approval turned off – no more waiting for post-approval
  • Featured on Local First mobile app as a FREE upgrade
  • 3 HCS posts per week 
  • Recommendations and mentions by admins on posts looking for your service
  • Watch parties – premiere videos to our audiences
  • Competitions and giveaways allowed
  • Uniquely designed advert each month

Your Featured Day


  • Everything-HCS  — Your chosen promotion/advert will receive its monthly BOOST by being featured on EVERYTHING Hibiscus Coast Seconds. (21 000 followers)

your FEATURED post will be shared to:

  • E-HCS and HCS ‘My Story’ for additional views
  • Space by HCS
  • Local First Ads
  • Highlighted and pinned to the top of HCS as the first post for members to scroll by.
  • Your chosen designed BANNER to feature on HCS (Hibiscus Coast Seconds) with over 45 000 local members and over 29 000 active members



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