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Protesters Quarry Block Road in Uvongo

Photo shared by Nicole van Tonder

Residents have been prevented from exercising their constitutional right to freedom of movement, by protest action near the Masinenge Informal Settlement in Uvongo.

Protesters have blocked the road running past the SPCA and down to the quarry, with a concrete pipe and what looks like a water pipe and other rubble.

Unconfirmed reports are that the protest is apparently in response to workers, who are building the government housing in the area, not being paid.

Whilst we expect the SAPS to react to this unlawful act and clear the area without any delay, and arrest those responsible for threatening and intimidating law abiding citizens, we are still hearing reports from irate residents who are now stuck in the area. So hang tight as the matter is being attended to by SAPS. There is also apparently an alternate exit to Uvongo through the quarry, but I do not know about it, nor can find it on a map.

Family members of people who work in Quarry Road have voiced their concern, on HCS, that their family members will be prevented from coming home from work.

It is ironic that the protesters choose to, in affect, hold innocent people ransom in order to voice their displeasure. As this is generally an industrial area, those held “captive” by the protesters are simply trying to do their work and earn a living – and pay the taxes that fund this government work.

The protest would most certainly be more effective and garner much more support from the community at large, if the protesters would instead choose the offices of the ruling party or the government department responsible for the project, and protest there.

Whether or not it was a tender, is irrelevant.

Whilst much of the above is my personal opinion, I know many people who are sick and tired of being threatened and intimidated every time there is dissatisfaction with service delivery or government policy.

I am sure that those who feel that they have the right to threaten and intimidate people who have absolutely nothing to do with their protest, would be very unhappy if their access to clinics, schools and other services were blocked by those who are protesting against their protesting.

It is a slippery slope that only leads to disaster.

– Shane Holland