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Public Service Announcement: Safety Tips For House Robberies



house robberies

It seems as though many house robberies are committed by people posing as workers such as Eskom checking meters or workers from the municipality. They wear their usual overalls/uniforms and convince house occupants that they have a valid reason for their visit.


They then allegedly hold up the occupants, whilst collecting household goods and then flee the scene.There have been similar cases reported around the Durban area. Please be extra vigilant and take extra precaution when anyone approaches your home.


Here a few pointers to take note of:

  • Employees who come to read the electricity meters would never need to enter your house.
  • Only if a fault is reported will Telkom come to your house.
  • Please tell everyone in your house to not open the door for anyone unless arrangements have been made prior.
  • Ask for identity of workers
  • It is wise to have repairs done when the home owner is present.


Keep Safe Hibiscus Coast.

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