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Roly Poly Home Industries

I met Chantel from Roly Poly Home Industries in The Hibiscus Mall and boy was I in for a surprise.

I have always seen all the delicious looking baked goods in the shop, but what I never realised is that everything is baked on-site, by Chantel and her team.

Chantel is truly a master of her art. Everything from the cakes, to the cupcakes, to the jams and rusks and everything else in the shop looks absolutely mouth watering.

If you are requiring any baked goods for a special occasion, I recommend that you pop in and see Chantel.

She is a lovely person with a smile that will brighten up your day.

You can contact her on 039 317 4155
Roly Poly is a Food Lovers dream come true, so pop in and indulge in some home baked goodness.


For more information, see Roly Poly in the HCS Business Directory.


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