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Are you looking to give your child the upper hand with a private education with emphasis on personal attention, whether in preschool, a junior learner or high school student, then Samurai Study Centre is the answer for you!

Hibiscus Coast Seconds welcomes Samurai Study Centre to the HCS Business Network and Circle of Trust.


I met up with Riana Van Schalkwyk, who has opened a private school for students who would benefit from one-on-one schooling, where she even caters for special needs students as well. Riana has a background in teaching and is very passionate about her work, hence she has already had positive feedback of how she has assisted furthering one student’s education in particular, to such an extent that the parents told her, “Our child has learnt more in the short period of time with you than what he learned in his entire previous school year.”

Samurai Study Centre uses the Impak Education Curriculum which consists of 2 phases namely the BASIC EDUCATION AND TRAINING PHASE (Grades 0 – 9) and the FURTHER EDUCATION AND TRAINING PHASE (Grades 10 – 12).

In the Basic Education and Training Phase you have a choice between a structured, formal teaching approach or a less structured, informal one. Not all students respond to the same method or stimuli in the same way, therefore this gives options on how to approach each student individually.

In the Further Education and Training Phase the student needs to write and thus obtain the NATIONAL SENIOR CERTIFICATE (Matric) in their final year of Grade 12. This certificate is aligned with an examination board accredited by Umalusi in order to offer the NSC (National Senior Certificate), which is conducted annually in the months of October/November at various examination centers (700 at this stage) in South Africa. Following the right subject combination chosen, the NSC grants the student University Exemption to any South African University. With certain exemptions the NSC is also accepted on an international level.

The Phases are further categorized into the following levels: Foundation Phase (Gr R – 3), Intermediate Phase (Gr 4 – 6), Senior Phase (Gr 7 – 9) and FET (Gr 10 – 12). Productwise all study material is aligned with the national Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS).

Why choose to use Samurai Study Centre for your Child? Riana highlighted the following points:

  • Individual Attention
  • Affordable Quality Education
  • Courses are available in both English and Afrikaans
  • NSC Matric Certification
  • Remedial: School Subjects include: Languages, Sciences, Commerce, Technical, Agricultural, Computer Application, Technology, Mechanical – (Electrical and Technological) and many more!


Riana also added that whilst her students are allowed to wear civvies (not in a school uniform) she does expect them to dress cordially, have respect, abide by the school rules and regulations and attend classes as normal as she keeps a close eye on her attendance register. She added that Samurai Study Centre also caters for extracurricular classes after school for students who may need further help with certain subjects. They are also in the process of branching out the grounds to allow for a field for sports activities in the future.


For more information Contact Riana Van Schalkwyk from Samurai Study Centre:

  • Address: 914 Fascadale Rd, Ramsgate (Directions: At the BP Garage turn right, continue straight down the road until you reach the bridge. Samurai Study Centre is located in the very last house on the right before the bridge begins)
  • Contact Number: 079 825 6928
  • E-Mail Address:
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  • Map: Click Here