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Sanral Petition: Shelly Beach Toll Booth

Greetings to concerned citizens of the South Coast,

The people of the South Coast are tired of innocent people dying due to the illegal u-turns made by motorists trying to avoid the toll at Shelly Beach. We have published numberous articles in this regards and most locals are well aware as to the frequency of accidents on this stretch of road. The overwhelming concensus is that enough is enough.

We have partnered with the Democratic Alliance and Civic Groups to petition parliament to erect safety barriers and open the toll booth until the required safety measures are put into place.

Please note that this is a official petition, which will be presented to parliament by the Democratic Alliance.

As per legislation, such petitions require the id number and contact number of all those who sign. Your details will not be used for any other purpose, and will be safeguarded by Dave Watson from the DA, who is championing this campaign with us. Hibiscus Coast Seconds has no access to any of the data submitted.

We need more than 2000 signatures for our motion to be heard in Parliament.

Please help us achieve this goal. The next accident may claim the life of somebody you love.  If you believe that it will never happen to you, just ask the loved ones of those who have died as a result of these crimes how unexpected that tragic phone call is.