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  • 1. Membership is restricted to privately owned busines from Amanzimtoti in the North, to Lusisisiki in the South, and inland as far as Kokstad.
    2. Whilst privately owned franchises are welcome, head-office owened national brand outlets are not eligible.
    3. Membership is at the discretion of HCS
    4. Members may post once per week on our Facebook Group. If you require more exposure on our group, we offer a number of affordable options
    5. Our terms of service may be updated at any time, and without notice.



We are absolutely thrilled that you see value in promoting your business on HCS and we wish you much success.

Hibiscus Coast Seconds offers locally owned companies an easy and highly affordable platform from which to promote their goods & services to the wonderful community of people who use Hibiscus Coast Seconds to fulfill their daily wants and needs.

Our platform consists of the following media channels:

  • Our very busy website, which has around 200 000 page views every month
  • The HCS Marketplace, which is an online classifieds and business listing directory
  • Facebook & Social Media. We have over 24 000 local members of our Facebook group and over 11 600 likes on our Facebook page
  • Direct sales by our sales rep
  • Social Media Management

Advertising Upgrades

We offer a number of advertising upgrades and packages so that your business can get the most exposure. Click the link below to view our different packages.

  Advertising Packages

How does the HCS Facebook Group work?

The Hibiscus Coast Seconds Facebook Group, which is part of the HCS Platform, is a closed forum for HCS members to conduct private sales of their second hand items, ask questions, get advice, request referrals and enjoy the company of fellow members, among other interactions.

In order to assist local businesses to compete with national companies, who drain our local economy of our hard-earned money, we formed the HCS Business Network and we promote the goods and services of these local businesses to the community.

We offer members of our business network 1 post per week on our Facebook group. Those who see value in what we offer and who would like more exposure, are invited to speak to our business network manager to discuss the various options we have to offer.

For those members who do not wish to take out a subscription, we offer additional featured post at R100 per post.

This is absolutely non-negotiable and businesses who do not respect our policies, and overpost,  will unfortunately not be permitted to use our platform to promote their business.