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Have the struggles of life got you down? Do you have an addiction problem and are looking for a better way of life?

The Hibiscus Coast Seconds Business Network and Circle Of Trust would like to welcome South Coast Recovery as our chosen and trusted organisation to supply you with tools to living a wholesome and productive life.


I went and met with Tarryn from South Coast Recovery the other day to find out how they assist people who want to be helped. Operating from 2001 this organisation has been functioning from Ramsgate in a beautiful setting where they offer Primary care, Secondary care and a Halfway house – as per their slogan to help people, “To restore to rightful position, place and potential in society…restore to effectiveness or normal life…by training.”

South Coast Recovery focuses on long term treatment, where patients are treated for a minimum of 6 months at a time. They focus on the psychological, physical and spiritual aspects of the person being treated.

The treatment covers a broad spectrum of disorders where specialists assess each person individually and adjusts their treatment according to their specific problems and needs.

This includes the In-House Programme, NA – Narcotics Anonymous meetings, the 12 Step NA Programme – Stepwork and Spiritual Treatment all working in conjunction to provide an overall service that enables patients to learn and leave with the coping tools and skills required to deal with life on life’s terms.

Tarryn went on to explain that the patients need to be treated on a psychological level, with registered psychologists and psychiatrists as people with addiction are suffering from behavioural problems.

South Coast Recovery does do Outreach programmes to create awareness at various schools and organisations and have to date already visited areas like Lesotho, Zululand and Transkei.

For more information contact South Coast Recovery on:

  • Address: Lot 12773 Chiddingstone Drive, Ramsgate, 4285
  • Landline Number: 039 314 4777
  • Emergency Cell Number: 072 545 5414
  • Website Address:




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