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Improving South Coast Economy
Finding treasure on the South Coast is not as difficult as it seems.

Are your business ethics strong enough to improve the South Coast economy?

There is no money on the South Coast! Many of us are familiar to this expression as we hear it on a daily-basis. This is in fact the truth about our economy according to the statistics south Africa website.

These censuses are recorded every ten years and we are approaching the next census in 2021. According to the found statistics of 2011, of the 47 407 economically active youth (15 – 34 years) on the South Coast, 37,3% where unemployed.

Unemployment is one of the main factors of poverty not only for the jobless themselves, but it brings a huge financial strain on the people that must support them.

This lowers affordability and most businesses suffer under these conditions leaving them with no option but to gradually cut down on staff and so the vicious circle of economic stain develops.

Hope for a better economy

There is however hope for the South Coast with the second largest domestic tourism market in South Africa with 2.2 million holiday makers that set out on a journey to our beaches annually.

Each tourist brings along spending money which contributes to the economy. Where the problem lies is the South Coaster’s attitude to this market. “I hate ‘Vallie’ season” quoted by most of them.

I am in fact guilty of this too. I cannot imagine anything more annoying than driving behind a car on marine drive where everyone in the car is so infatuated by the ocean that they forget that they are driving decreasing their speed to a meager 10Km/h.

However as difficult as it is learning to bite your tongue is beneficial in these cases, because sea watchers are the main source of our income on the South Coast.

There are many ways in which tourism can be embraced and encouraged, keeping in mind the more ‘Vallies’ the more money.

Improving business ethics

The aspect that needs the most attention in Alfred County in order for the economy to improve is business ethics.

Although making a living and managing the industry is the highest priority for many South Coasters, no one seems to be handling it in the most appropriate way .

Naming and Shaming companies is something most are guilty of especially if people do not get the service they feel they are entitled to.

It’s so easy to say, “You haven’t seen the last of me, I’ll put this all over Facebook”, By doing this the intention is to intimidate the management of the company to such a point that they decide to improve their service but in most cases it has the adverse effect and the management retaliates by protecting their company name, their staff and their bad service.

Not only have social media complaint publishers accomplished nothing but in a small community they have put a bounty on their head. While it can be assumed that bad publicity ends there, someone up country is browsing the internet looking for their next holiday destination and stumble upon all the bad business reviews which is the last thing anyone wants while on holiday.

A better option to resolve matters

The most logical method to resolve a dispute about poor service is to confront the management in a decent manner. This way the managers will take time to listen to the problem and address it in the best way they can, after all they know their boundaries with their staff and they only wants the best for their business and making changes to satisfy customers can only bring more business.

Hospitality advice

To all the hospitality industry workers on the coast don’t forget to be friendly give excellent service and welcome our visitors with open arms, Let the holiday makers feel at home and encourage them to return. Your job depends on them.

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