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Hibiscus Coast Seconds is now a source for original content submitted by YOU, the members of our community.

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Terms & Submission Guidelines

  • Articles must be original content written by yourself, when using information from another source, credit must be given to the original owner.
  • Content must be 200 words minimum.
  • When images are taken from another website, make sure you have permission to use these images and provide a link to the original.
  • No swearing, nudity or racially motivated content will be accepted.
  • No press releases will be accepted, if you would like to submit a press release please contact us for advertising.
  • News pieces must be objective, if the author is providing an opinion piece, the beginning of the title should include “Opinion:”
  • Any content submitted becomes the property of Hibiscus Coast Seconds, we reserve the right to edit the title and content as we see fit. Publishers may use our content as long as credit is given to the author.