Summer Sausage Pasta | Jamie Oliver

This colourful recipe for a spicy sausage pasta dish ticks every box. Tastes amazing, smells amazing and is really simple to prepare.
Quality sausages browned with fresh herbs, chilli and fragrant tomatoes livened up with a good glug of balsamic vinegar. This slowly cooked dish is so full of flavour it makes the perfect pasta topping. Finish with grated salted ricotta for a taste bud party your tongue won’t want to leave!

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  1. Six persons are gonna share that? They must be midgets then.

  2. I made this recipe except I used lamb fennel sausages, dry oregano, macaroni, and crumbled feta on top because those were the ingredients I had on hand. The balsamic vinegar brought out the sweetness of the lamb sausages and they tasted divine. My kids devoured the whole thing and they normally don't like lamb. This recipe will definitely be a keeper in my family 🙂

  3. I just made a VERY knocked off version of this and it came out /incredible./ My dad and I ate the whole thing up and now we're both stuffed and very happy. Guys, do this, and make it as true to the recipe as you can, because it will blow you away.

  4. Hola Jamie vivo en España, Murcia , me gusta tus recetas, me río mucho contigo , veo que eres único como come lo que haces y lo disfrutas. Aprendí de ti hacer unos Huevos escarchado envuelto en un plástico le eche carnes pimientas, colorante perejil cebolla, queso picante, me quedo ríquisimo e invite a una amiga y se sorprendió de los huevos y para comer con Kechut. Gracias ven a Murcias también mucha cocina.