Supreme court rules against parents for the second time but Alfie and his parents are still fighting


If you have not heard of Alfie Evans, here is a little catch up.


Tens of thousands of supporters have formed “Alfie’s Army” to rally behind the parents of the young boy over the past year. Dad Tom hopes to move Alfie to another specialist children’s hospital in Italy to see if they can diagnose and treat his condition.

The brain condition Alfie Evans is suffering from does not have a name, and this seriously ill toddler is in a “deep coma” with this unknown degenerative brain condition and doctors do not expect him to recover from. Alfie’s parents, Tom Evans, 21, and Kate James, 20, have been fighting Alder Hey children’s hospital for months over the fate of their 23-month-old son.

The Alder Hey NHS trust has argued that continuing life support is not in Alfie’s best interests and applied to the High Court to remove parental rights and withdraw ventilation to end Alfie’s life.


The latest news in this ongoing heart-breaking saga is that Tom Evans and Kate James, Alfie’s parents have failed in their attempts to persuade the Supreme Court that Alfie is being “unlawfully detained” at the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, UK and will not allow the parents to appeal the decision.


The Supreme Court has sided with the hospital to put the best interest of Alfie first, which means the approval of the plan to withdraw treatment and facilitate the ending of the Alfie’s 23-month-old life.


His parents had made another application to the Supreme Court after losing a second fight over Alfie at the Court of Appeal. They had wanted to take Alfie – who has been suffering from an undiagnosed degenerative brain disease – to a hospital in Rome where he would continue to receive palliative care.


Alfie’s parents had already lost a first round of cases in the High Court, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court and European Court of Human Rights. The Supreme Court justices said: “Alfie looks like a normal baby, but the unanimous opinion of the doctors who have examined him and the scans of his brain is that almost all of his brain has been destroyed.


“No-one knows why. But that it has happened and is continuing to happen cannot be denied.


“It means that Alfie cannot breathe, or eat, or drink without sophisticated medical treatment. It also means that there is no hope of his ever getting better.”

Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, which is now representing Alfie’s family, said: “We are going to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights hoping we can stay the end-of-life order our courts have made.


A statement issued by Alder Hey reiterated today’s Supreme Court ruling, adding: “We understand that this decision is very distressing for Alfie’s family at this very difficult time.”


“We are appealing today because we have got to act quickly. The parents are devoted parents.”


Ms Williams added: “It is one thing to argue any medical treatment is futile, it is quite another thing to say someone should die because their quality of life is futile.”



Mr. Evans has refused to give up and has now made an “urgent application” to the European Court of Human Rights.

If you would like to join Alfies Army on Facebook and sign their petition, you can request to join here. 




The Facebook group currently consists of 381,558 members, continually giving their support.

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Ref: BBC, Echo UK


LLearn the Risk” a group on Facebook has this to say :


• Alder Hey, a UK Hospital, sues parents and wins custody of Alfie Evans and permission to remove breathing support & inject lethal chemicals to stop his heart
• Hospital has police by the child’s bedside “protecting” the child from kidnapping by parents
• Hospital refuses parents’ pleas to take child to another hospital

UPDATE: Monday, April 23rd, the hospital removed little Alfie from his breathing support despite intervention from Pope and Italian Ambassador. The hospital has permission to inject execution-style chemicals to stop his heart at any time.

Alfie is fighting to survive and breathing on his own despite doctors swearing Alfie would not be able to. He is proving the doctors WRONG”

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