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Suspected Housebreaker Nabbed by Homeowner


A man who is suspected of breaking into a house in Shelly Beach this morning, has been handed over to the police – after being chased and apprehended by the homeowner.

According to the residents of the home which was broken into, they noticed the man sitting on the pavement outside of their house when they left to drop their children at school at around 7:15 am this morning.

Whilst they were away, the suspect allegedly broke the glass window (pictured) and removed laptops and some cash from a money box.

When the homeowners arrived back at the house, at around 8:am the suspected thief got more than he bargained for when the man of the house chased him and apprehended him, whilst he was trying to escape.

The laptops were recovered.

Wolf Security & SAPS arrived and the suspect was handed over, for further investigation.

Judging by some of the comments on Hibiscus Coast Seconds, residents are absolutely fed up with never ending incidents of housebreaking and theft in our areas.

UPDATE: The suspect is wanted by Port Shepstone SAPS, after being linked by fingerprints to another housebreaking incident. read more



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The window which was broken to gain entry.