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The revival of the South Coast, where a dream has become a reality that we can ALL enjoy! #GLC

An aroma of coffee greets you as you open the door, to a coolly air-conditioned but warmly welcoming atmosphere. Already tables are filling up and soft conversations of the patrons are abuzz.   The Good Life Café is the dream of business partners Desmond Van Booma and Dayne Elliott, who both spotted this ideal location and together decided […]

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German Car Care

  I was very excited when I was invited to come for a tour of Gunthers workshop, firstly because I was intrigued by the excitement in Gunthers voice when he started listing what he was going to show me, and secondly because I need a service and someone trustworthy to check up on a bakkie which we just […]

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Circle of Trust

Of all the requests for assistance which we receive, the most heartbreaking and frustrating of all is when a trusting person has paid a service provider for goods or services and that service provider has either performed shoddy work or, even worse, has blatantly ripped the customer off. These fly-by-nights do not operate according to […]

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INK MAN, is famously known on the South Coast as the GO-TO business for all your Ink Requirements. Hibiscus Coast Seconds proudly welcomes Billy Du Plooy’s well known and loved establishment to the Hibiscus Coast Seconds Business Network! Established over 17 years ago, but known by the locals for over 5 years, Ink Man has […]