The Best Cauliflower Cheese | Jamie Oliver

Jamie champions frozen veg in this classic cauliflower cheese recipe, filmed as part of Jamie’s Money Saving Meals series broadcast back in 2013. Tender cauliflower florets in a broccoli and cheese sauce topped with crunchy breadcrumbs. A delicious dish that’s simple to make and half the price of the fresh version.
Prices shown in the video were correct at the time the show aired in the UK on Channel 4 in 2013.
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V – This is a Vegetarian recipe



  1. for now i am taking that broccoli sauce with addition of… lil salt pepper [and lime if needed]… for my sandwiches 😉 . i am real fan of sauces n chutneys. then may be next weekend ll try this recipe too… n thnx… i remember how he said in Christmas video that her sister cooks a great cauliflower cheese… n i was thinking how to make that like her,,, hehe. thnx .

  2. I would argue it is the consistency of a lot of frozen veg that lets it down. I think this would be the give away in a taste comparison.

  3. Wonderful idea to use broccoli as a sauce . Going to try this recipe very very soon, maybe with my left over turkey in ST STEPHEN'S day, here in Ireland, know as Boxing Day for the rest of ye, thanks .jamie, AnnaMaria from Ireland

  4. I love cauliflower, but I usually just fry it in a pan with flour egg breadcrumbs crust and it is delicious, but this is something new to try.

  5. Always good to freeze leftover veggies instead of letting them spoil. It's actually more nutritious than letting them degrade in the fridge as you stop the spoiling process when they are at their freshest. Just can't eat them raw, which is best, unfortunately as they turn mushy when defrosted. Always cook from frozen. :)

  6. I always thought buying frozen would be more expensive? As you pay for the convenience of not having to slice and dice your veggies. Very interesting.. Must try this as it looks so awesome…

  7. Jaime Oliver has to be the most pretentious celeb chef out there honestly what I pile of best ever shit!
    salt and pepper Jaime believe it or not goes a long way and your over priced italian restaurants are a disgrace and insult to italians.
    I I hope your pissed of you'd have every right to be pissed off because I would be pissed off it I served that shit too!

  8. Huh…back in Sydney where I used to live, fresh broccoli were cheaper than the frozen ones in per gram basis(and bok choi, etc) so we end up buying the fresh ones, washing them, blanching them, lightly season, and freeze them in small portion sizes. Since me and my room mate both went to engineering uni, so it was a great method to stock on vegetables without having to go shop frequently.

  9. at first glance, georgie looks god-forsaken ugly…but for some reason I kinda feel like to doing her regardless after watching her….why is this??

  10. I love Jamie Oliver's recipes and have most of his books. But this recipe is absolutely disgusting. The vegetables are tasteless and watery, and making a broccoli sauce in this way is a very poor idea. Pay the extra 80p and get real food.