The Best Sicilian Pasta | Jamie’s Italy – UNSEEN

We’re transporting you back in time now Food Tubers to when Jamie turned 30 and took a road trip through Italy cooking all the way. Most of it made it’s way onto TV but this little gem has been tucked away ever since. Here he is in Sicily cooking pasta and learning from the masters. Need we say more?

If you like this one let us know and we’ll dig some more never-seen-before crackers to share just with you.

What’s your favourite Italian food guys? Anyone from Sicily out there who can tell us why your food is just so good?

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  1. Hi guys and hi Jamie! I just want to give you all an advice: the cook in the video puts some sugar to balance the tomato sauce. That´s kind of an ancient Sicilian tradition – I´m Sicilian too – but actually the sugar doesn´t balance acidity, it just covers it! If you really wanna have a fantastic tomato sauce, add a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate (baking/cooking soda so to say). It´s chemically basic, for this reason it actually balances acidity. Cheers!

  2. 3.5 minutes of master piece work. Simple, but yummy. I will add the bread crumb when pasta in pan, and put it in 350 degree oven for several minutes. Actually it browns, like cheese. mille grazie for upload.

  3. I read one of Spike Milligan's books about his time as a British soldier in Italy. When the lads went out to get something to eat, they enjoyed all the Italian food and were really adventurous, sampling all the dishes that were new to them. Did they fuck! Egg and chips – that's all they wanted, every time. Bless 'em. The chefs and cooks must have pulled their own hair out.

  4. Jamie, you're a true leader, you took over that kitchen like if you were the top chef even though you were the one learning from them lol.