The Ultimate Bacon Sandwich | Kevin Bacon & Jamie Oliver

Jamie is joined by Kevin Bacon in the Food Tube kitchen. Watch them battle it out as they take on the challenge to create — yep, you guessed it — the ultimate bacon sandwich. Who’ll win? Press play and find out now. Yum, yum, yum.

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  1. Just because you prefer smoked bacon Jamie that does not mean it is the only bacon. I cannot stand it when people make out their preference is the ONLY way. Personally I prefer unsmoked bacon but I don't go round telling people that unsmoked bacon is the only bacon because I know this is not true. It is the CURING that makes it bacon NOT the smoking. It's like saying cumberland sausages are the only sausages and if it ain't cumberland get outta here. Cumberland is my preference but there are loads of other varieties of sausage all as valid as the next.

  2. American & Brittish cuisine: the perfect combination to gain some extra-cholesterol. Who cares about the high rates of obesity in both countries…

  3. Why is there a chainsaw just laying in the kitchen? Also, what was the stuff that Kevin actually put in his sandwich, he didn't list them all off