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Ugu Water Woes: Weekend Update – George Henderson

Update Sunday 25 June am.

Good morning everyone. Thank goodness water has been restored in most areas. The reservoirs are at acceptable levels except 4A sitting on 4%. This is most probably the reason why the Julia Road area in Ramsgate ext 3 is still out.


There are pockets still without water including Manaba, Queen Street area, areas in Margate like Hibiscus Street, Marine Drive and Boyce Lane. Thank you for reporting, Ugu is aware and the technicians are attending to the issues. If you don’t have water yet outside the mentioned areas, please post here and report to Ugu sms 44751 with your address, area and complaint.

Relief water is available at the usual points.
Hopefully water will be restored in these areas sooner rather than later.

Have a blessed Sunday.
Thank you
George Henderson.