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Take a seat

A chair is a piece of furniture with a raised surface supported by legs

Pack your stuff

Backpacks are commonly used by hikers and students

Hold My Drink

A bottle is a rigid container with a neck that is narrower

Let me shine

A lamp is the light source, which is typically called the light bulb

BizNetwork Numbers

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  • 1. Membership is restricted to privately owned busines from Amanzimtoti in the North, to Lusisisiki in the South, and inland as far as Kokstad.
    2. Whilst privately owned franchises are welcome, head-office owened national brand outlets are not eligible.
    3. Membership is at the discretion of HCS
    4. Members may post once per week on our Facebook Group. If you require more exposure on our group, we offer a number of affordable options
    5. Our terms of service may be updated at any time, and without notice.